Tract # 2

                           Psalm 7:10 My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.

Section 2

(Real Truth)
When someone refers to the Truth, it must be clarified the type of Truth they're talking about. For instant; many people think that just what they believe is the Truth. That may be your own kind-of truth, but God's Truth is what reveals whether what someone thinks or says is the (Real Truth) or not. Otherwise, it is dangerously wrong to ignore the
(Real Truth) that is written in the Bible; or to try and change it around to make it mean something else. Therefore; if someone isn't sure of what the Bible means, then, what you don't understand all goes back to having faith that Jesus Christ understands it all, whether we do or not! Now that's the Real Truth!


Section 3

Seek the Truth and
You shall be found.
There in the yonder is a
closer-look of what is to be.
There is love for those that
seek to walk in light.
What we read or hear, it may not immediately make us feel better, but it can always make us think better: And, of course, this is only in the case of hearing and receiving the Truth. Then, from there, we can also hope it will make us feel better in the long run.


Section 4

(Let There Be)

Let there be a message
given in love...
Showers of blessings
From God above.
Let there be joy
for seeking people:
Bells to ring
from a Church Steeple.
Let there be reason
for us to hear...
Learn about Truth
and drive out fear.
Let there be folks
that truly do care:
helping others,
both far and near.
Let there be a friend
throughout your life:
To stay at your side
in slander or strife!
Let there be endless
deeds of good-will:
Hearts so touched
with a Spirit to heal.
Let there be gladness
from all around...
Jealousy and greed
run out of town!
Let there be a song
for many to sing:
Rejoicing in a Saviour:
Our Holy King!
What here is said
is possible, indeed:
Trust in Jesus...
in His Word give heed!