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(True Change)
The Spirit of a true Believer is such as none other to where no human mind can comprehend its eternal existence. As God has allowed a soul is now able to reach out to a Holy God and find peace which the world and all its fame and glory cannot give or take away! Once this indwelling has conceived there are benefits given to a person that has accepted this gift by true faith in Jesus Christ. From that point on, this is where true change takes place in the heart of a person that has been converted from their old ways of sin and guilt!
(Satisfied in Jesus)
We as Christians are called to be the unthinkable, do the impossible while proclaiming the inevitable! There are no other human beings on earth that can achieve this lifestyle with Grace and poise. We have the attention of Heaven and God Himself says that He gets pleasure out of a true Christian for doing His good will. We are even a spectacle to this world for lifting up Jesus, for rebuking evil and for living a pure and satisfying life. It is our prayer also that other souls will come to this fountain of peace to receive the gift of eternal salvation though Faith in Jesus Christ.

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(God cannot Fail)
Someone may say that (someone else) are not who you say they are, but God is the judge of us all. On one occasion a person may be right, but on the other occasion they could be dead wrong! Only God knows for sure. Look at David: he was not given any consideration concerning becoming a King, and his own earthly Father didn't even consider it. And the ones that David's Father thought could be chosen by God didn't even come near being the right ones for the position! People often see things their way, but Gods way is above our thinking and philosophy. Be very careful before you try to judge someone else; Like Jesus said; judge yourself first.

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(Being Made New)
God made me new from what was old: 

He gave me hope and cleansed my soul.

We have a Bible, a Testament of God's love: 

Jesus was sent from Glory above.

Being made new is wonderful and great: 

A passage has been granted to enter God's gates.

To push out the Word that God sent from Heaven: 

to not be made new, is to be unforgiven.

Reach out in Faith and do what you must do: 

Jesus to say: behold, all things made new!

Living for Christ is to worship the King:

 rejoice and be glad, let your heart sing!

Go out to others and be one of the few:

 a Child of Jesus by Grace is made new!